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VOC / eQFD Tutorial

This tutorial gives a brief overview of the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) methodology and explains how QFD is used to capture and respond to the Voice of the Customer (VOC).

The twenty minute presentation was prepared by David Verduyn of C2C Solutions Inc., and as such contains a short marketing plug for C2C Solutions at the beginning. However, the tutorial is broken into sub-sections with a navigation panel for jumping between topics. (Thus, you can skip the intro if you want to.)

Dave’s tutorial gives an overview of the obstacles encountered during the process of gathering the customer’s needs, as well as a brief history of QFD. He also provides some suggestions for modifying the traditional QFD methodology in order to make it more “efficient”, “effective”, and “enhanced” (hence the acronym “eQFD”).

Note: The tutorial is an interactive Flash presentation, and thus requires the Flash plug-in in order to be displayed in your browser. If you are not able to view the tutorial after clicking on the link below, you may need to download the Flash plug-in for your browser.

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David M. Verduyn is the President of C2C Solutions Inc., with 21 years industry experience in Design and Systems Engineering, Technical Instruction, Product Development Consulting & Technical Course Development.


7 responses about “VOC / eQFD Tutorial”

  1. AJ (John) Britton said:

    I am a Senior Lecturer in Lean Six Sigma presenting in Europe. I present predominantly US based training materials (ETI Group USA) to Green Belt Six Sigma candidates and Black Belt Lean Candidates. I would like to include some HOQ content, and as a personal goal I would like to understand the QFD process in greater detail.
    Would you kindly send me details of you web based training, including costs and durations



  2. lukman said:

    dear sir,
    Iam a Lecturer in Muhammadiyah University MALANG iNDONESIA, your modul is very interisting, i want down load , to use tech my student


  3. EMRE said:

    You guys are really fantastic
    It was a great presentation and make my way very clear
    So I am free to go with QFD
    THX A LOT From Turkey

  4. rendy said:

    it really helps me for makin the research for my thesis. thank you for doing the template also the online qfd builder. keep it free. :)

    rendy andy
    trisakti university student

  5. gamin i Don said:

    I am a lecturer in apparel management and kindly request to send me a tutorial or notes on developing a HOQ with an example

  6. susan said:

    I am unable to load this tutorial from the QFD website. How can I access this tutorial.

  7. John said:

    The link is broken or the tutorial was removed.

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