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Kano Model Tutorial

This tutorial gives an explanation of the Kano Model, along with a basic overview of several techniques for understanding customers’ needs.

The eight minute presentation was prepared for us by our friends at C2C Solutions, and as such contains a brief marketing plug for C2C. However, its content regarding the Kano model and techniques for identifying customer needs make it well worth the time required to view it.

Note: The tutorial is an interactive Flash presentation, and thus requires the Flash plug-in in order to be displayed in your browser. If you are not able to view the tutorial after clicking on the link below, you may need to download the Flash plug-in for your browser.

Launch the Kano Model Tutorial

C2C Solutions is a leading provider of state-of-the-art methods for efficient and effective product development. They provide a wide range of services from introductory training to advanced project-based workshops on numerous different DFSS disciplines.


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  1. Isaias Esquivel said:

    Kano model tutorial are, very helpfull

  2. sudhakar said:

    Very explained in simple terms

  3. Xavier Sanchez said:

    Muy util la informaciòn del modelo Kano

  4. david said:

    top notch !!!

  5. John said:

    The link is broken or the tutorial was removed.

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