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House of Quality (QFD) Tutorial

The following House of Quality (QFD) tutorial is intended to give an overview of the Quality Function Deployment decision-making process. The tutorial details the basic construction of the House of Quality matrix, and provides simple examples on the intended use of the matrix.

The tutorial is an interactive Flash presentation, and thus requires the Flash plug-in in order to be displayed in your browser. If you are not able to view the tutorial after clicking on the link below, you may need to download the Flash plug-in for your browser.

Note to American Readers: No, those words aren’t misspelled. The tutorial was developed in Australia and utilizes the British spellings for several words (e.g. “prioritised” and “organisation”).

Launch the House of Quality (QFD) Tutorial

The tutorial was developed by Dr. Robert Hunt and the Centre for Management Innovation and Technology, which is a part of the Graduate School of Management at Macquarie University in New South Wales Australia.

69 responses about “House of Quality (QFD) Tutorial”

  1. Chuck Behn said:

    It would be helpful if you could move your mouse over a part of the HOQ diagram and it would give a brief description/function

  2. Jans Wilches said:

    Excellent model aplication for learning QFD

  3. Julián said:

    It was pedagogic, and I think I understood. The problem was that the free house does not have all the variables explained in the tutorial.
    Thank you,

  4. Rajiv said:

    In the last section on arriving a “TARGETS” is not clear, rest is fine.

  5. Martin Coe said:

    QFD tutorial was very informative, very useful as a guide to QFD-I would like to see the tutorial expanded for all 4 HOQ phases on a real product(product planning, parts deployment, process planning, production planning). Is such an example available?

    Does the info from these 4 HOQs then dovetail into the beginnings of a Critical parameter management process for product development?

  6. Vinicius Vianna said:

    Great work, this make easy to understand all mathematical aspects of QFD for a first-timer.
    Keep up the good work :)
    By the way, a nice improvement would be to improve this image of the full HOQ, make it bigger maybe, it’s a little hard to read all the numbers and study the full chart.

  7. Javier Lopez said:

    Amazing! The tutorial is great. I’m actually learning what this evaluation and control procedure. The book we’re using in class doesn’t even come close.

  8. murali said:

    it was very easy to comprehend!! The completed house of quality was very samll to read!! thanks for the work!!

  9. jinseok oh said:

    This tutorial is very good.

  10. Pradeep said:

    Easy to understand and a good visual representation.

  11. Ahmad said:

    Going through this tutorial saved me hours of reading through books and manuals..once i got stuck in certain subject i can navigate back in no time as many as i can since its also entertaining..

  12. Rali said:

    The material and presentation were easy to understand and provide outstanding context for implementation.

  13. Dawn Imblum said:

    Thank you Dr. Robert Hunt. This tutorial is extremely helpful.

  14. Brata said:

    Thank you for the interesting & dynamic tutorial. It’s very very very helpful to understand of this theory. Keep going and explore much!!

  15. Mohammed-Amin Al-Tal said:

    a step by step guide, simple, insightful, and fun.

    Thank you Dr. for the great work

  16. Atte said:

    Thank you, great tutorial. Really handy to show people who does not know what qfd is.

  17. Shelley said:

    Thank you. I agree with all the other comments. Many books on Quality and this is the first time I really understood how to build the house and work the process. Very good. (And do hope you will work on the capability to increase the final graph/House of Quality.)

  18. Lloyd Snell said:

    No sound was working. No equations presented, especially for calculating the improvement factor. Looking elsewhere for the explanation on this component.

  19. SC Chong said:

    Many thanks to Dr. Robert Hunt.

  20. Ana Fernandez said:

    Thank you for this tutorials… are very very clear and helpful. Step by step!!!

  21. S C Joshi said:

    Great work, this helps to understand all mathematical aspects of QFD for a first-timer.

  22. Anas said:

    Really, Really helpful. Would be nice if the same applied for Clausing Four Phase Process. It is quadruble the work but it worth it. This first phase can be as an ad for the complete and improved four phase HOQ ;)

  23. Vipin said:

    Excellent presentation, Appritiate your idea and effort


  24. Tolga said:

    Thanks. Made me feel smart:)

  25. Carlos V. Mata said:

    Thank you for this helpful tutorial. I will be using the templates and this guide to attempt my first HOQ.

  26. Anant said:

    awesome… step by step guide..
    highly recommended for a beginner.
    thank you for sharing…

  27. burke said:

    Great stuff. It was really helpfully for my design project. where do you get the time?

  28. Chilunga Puta said:

    This is a great resource. As a new comer to quality it has really been useful. Are you able to give an example of the use of this tool in health care deivery?
    Great job and truly practically helpful.

  29. toto said:

    It was a great presentation!

    Thank you very much!

  30. Carl Roberts said:

    Thanks a bunch, I was studying this for my MBA and the explanatin on the rood was not good enough (I couldn’t understand it) yours was well explained and I got it - Thanks.

  31. Carol Sutton said:

    What an excellent demonstration. Why can’t everything be explain with this simplicity.

  32. Pankaj said:

    Wonderful presentation for tutorial!

    Brief discription of the product requirement need - to start with would help

  33. Alfredo Angrisani said:

    It is deceptively easy. I think it needs a lot of actual practice to obtain objective results.

  34. lyra alyssa alabo said:

    i am searching an EASY way on how to construct house of quality for our discussion in total quality management when i’m looking at the book’s diagram i have found it a little hard to construct and explain to the class. Watching the tutorial makes it easy for me to understand and to construct house of quality. thank you very much dr. A.J. Lowe we will acknowledge your work . I will share your online tutorial to our classroom discussion. thank you again.

  35. Oscar Kumasaka said:

    I was impressed with your great work.
    There a lot’s of engineers using QFD in Japan, who did not focus on making things easier unfortunately.
    I would like to introduce this tutorial page to some Japanese including Prof. Akao who lives close to me. Does he know already?

  36. Chris Halliwell said:

    Thank you very much for making HoQ understandable in such an efficient way. You are a good teacher, and being an executive educator myself, I really appreciate your work.

  37. asif said:

    Can some one plz elobrate - an EASY way on how to construct a 3D -house of quality - which is little rare -but explains things like datamining cuboids - and which software can really aid in this process

  38. A. Rothschild said:

    Wonderful study aid, teaches the HOQ tool very clearly and efficiently.

  39. S. Schmitt said:

    Love the simplicity of the instruction - great job on the illustration; would love to see example of all 4 houses for the full effect.

  40. S. Schmitt said:

    Didn’t see the example earlier. Now that I have, great instructions and example. Thank you!

  41. Christiaan said:

    This tutorial was absolutely exactly what I needed to refresh myself and learn again what QFD is all about. Thank you for the efforts!

  42. Michael W said:

    Great tutorial and example, the best I’ve seen so far and look forward to using it soon!

  43. Ismail said:

    The presentation is concise and clear. Much thanks.

  44. Yi said:

    Outstanding work! thanks very much for your contribution!

  45. Minh Ton said:

    Very comprehensive tool!
    I need to work more with specific case

  46. Joan Ballell said:

    very understandable and complete, thank you for the generosity in sharing knowledge

  47. Rakesh Patnaik said:

    Thank you, Well prepared for quick understanding.

  48. Syed Tauqeer said:

    Applause :) absolutly amused… a little more explanation of calculations of targets and planning would have made it even better…

    Allah SWT bless you!


  49. Efraín Panécatl said:

    Great resource. I salute Dr. A.J. Lowe. I always use it when I’m teching this tool to my College students and it gives a clear view of the use of the tool.
    The Planning Matrix, though is not 100% clear how you’d get the “sales points”

  50. Andres Castro said:

    Great resource

  51. Kanwalpreet said:

    Really a great aid to explain HOQ nicely made…stepwise procedure put hours of knowledge into minutes….thanks

  52. Horst Karstens said:

    Excellent tutorial and templates !

    Would be nice to have the password to unprotect the sheet,that would enable us to delete unused rows and columns in the template.

  53. Kannan said:

    Good material.
    Everything is fine and finally “target fixing ” portion is not clear

  54. Hiruni said:

    Really educative and informative.This provides great knowledge on HOQ by using simple, interesting and attractive method. Thanks a lot for your generosity in sharing knowledge.You have done a great job Sir.Thanks a lot again & keep it up.

  55. ashwini said:

    Very useful information. Excellent model of teaching.

  56. herbal home recipes said:

    Awesome! Its really remarkable post, I have got much clear
    idea about from this article.

  57. Ham said:


  58. Jorge said:

    Excellent material!!!
    Calculation is clear paying enough attention.

  59. Sampurna Ray said:

    The tutorial is amazing! Great job!!! Thanks a ton :)

  60. Lakhinder Singh said:

    This is a really great tutorial. I had expected that previous suggestions of increasing the size of complete HOQ and adding other functional steps to arrive at Production targets setting be incorporated,
    Thank you very much for a great job in making it understood so simply in a straightforward manner.It is a very powerful tool.
    Thank you once again.

  61. Bubbletea said:

    Thanks a lot for this!!

  62. Jeff Newton said:

    Great tutorial. Step through was easy to follow and understand. Thanks for sharing it with the community.

  63. Ratna Widiastuti said:

    Excellent model of teaching…. Thanks a lot for this.

  64. Dr.E.Bhaskaran said:

    Excellent tutorial

  65. Fanxing Xu said:

    The tutorial is great!

  66. JJ said:

    Thank you so much for the helpful tutorial! it was great as a first impression of what a QFD actually is and how one would go about understanding such a diagram. a great way of explaining a complex diagram. thanks again!! :)

  67. ritwick said:

    sir how to download this

  68. Sakhi said:

    how can I add or reduce row and column?

  69. fan said:

    Congrats!! Appreciate this website, therefore much info that is basically educational and interesting!! Truly happy I came across it!!

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